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Socio Cultural Programme

Different Socio cultural competitions are arranged by the college usually during the month of January. Students skilled in various fields like singing, dance and recitation participate in these cultural competitions. There are a variety of events where students take part like singing competition, dance, debate, recitation and quiz. Students provide their names beforehand and on the day of the competition they participate in the respective events. The teaching faculty of the College conduct these competitions and act as judges. Every competition has at least 3/4 judges and they decide the first, second and third positions in the individual events. The winners are given prizes on the prize distribution day. These socio cultural competitions help to nurture talents and bring out the best in our students.

Apart from these socio cultural competitions the college also arranges some socio cultural programmes like Basontatsav during the advent of spring each year. The Agomoni Utsav is also celebrated during the beginning of autumn which marks the homecoming of Goddess Durga in Bengal. In these programmes students and teachers participate alike and make the occasions eventful with their performances. The entire college waits eagerly the whole year for these cultural programmes. The college considers these cultural programmes important as they make the students aware of their own traditions and make them rooted in their culture.